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Vegin' Out in the Age of COVID


With the arrival of COVID-19, I don't go grocery shopping anymore.  Instacart and online shopping are my new friends.  Pre-COVID I used to drive 45 minutes once a week to shop at the closest Whole Foods.  My shopping habits have changed drastically.  At first it was bumpy going, as I am a creature of habit: how would I obtain the food items I was used to?  However, my pandemic lifestyle has led me to discover a vast landscape of amazing vegan items and resources that I never knew existed. Here are some interesting food-related things I have learned:
1.  In my small town, Aldi is the main store that Instacart shops at.  Aldi's has some pretty good organic produce, and it is usually cheaper than Whole Foods.  They also have a lot of other vegan "finds".
2.  Taking a chance and ordering something you have never tried can pay off.  For example, I have discovered a new favorite vegan chocolate that I would not have found in the grocery store (Sjaaks=yum).
3.  There are a ton of frozen and refrigerated vegan items that you can order online and have shipped to you with cold packs (hello again Daiya cheese, I missed you).
4.  Vegan wine can be shipped to your door!
5.  I am learning ways to make produce last longer.  For example: wrapping fresh mushrooms in paper towels and storing them in open bags in the refrigerator keeps them fresh longer.
6.  You can order a box of fresh produce and have it shipped to your home.
7.  Vegan grocers exist online (thank goodness).  I have noticed their variety of products have grown greatly since the beginning of the pandemic.
8.  You don't have to miss out on real bakery items: vegan bakeries and fresh breads are available online.
9.  There are way more meat and dairy alternatives out there than I was ever aware of - pretty awesome!
10. Did I mention that vegan wine can be shipped to your door?! :)
I desperately hope this pandemic is over soon, but it is comforting to know there are a lot of plant-based items (some old standbys, and some new discoveries) that can be ordered online and delivered to your home. 
Stay well!