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Vegan Candy

Salem, OR
Vegan chocolate, from milk chocolate to peanut butter cups.
Boulder, CO
Sells organic vegan chocolates, truffles and sweets (be sure to choose the vegan option).
Chicago, IL
Vegan meat & seafood, other vegan food item. Ships to several countries. *98% OF THE PRODUCTS ARE VEGAN - USE "FIND BY SPECIALTY" TO SEARCH FOR VEGAN ITEMS.
Boulder, CO
This company offers allergy-friendly gluten-free suncups and mint cups, gluten-free chocolate chips, and gluten-free bagel chips.
Newport Beach, CA
Online vegan grocery - includes baked goods and refrigerated/frozen items. Ships within the US.
Lakewood, NJ
Vegan chocolate that is gluten and soy free, and free of many allergens.
Santa Rosa, CA
Sells vegan, organic, sugar free chocolate.
Frisco, TX
Plant based grocery store, offers shipping nationwide, as well as local delivery within 20 miles of Frisco, TX. Also offers local pickup options.
Petaluma, CA
Organic vegan chocolates.
Somerville, MA
Stone ground vegan chocolate bars, discs and snacks. Subscriptions are available.
Berkeley, CA
Plant-based chocolate candy bars. Ships in the US. (***Note: baking chocolate & cocoa powders are not all vegan - read labels on these items).
San Diego, CA
7-ingredient, organic vegan mylk chocolate candy. Non-GMO and eco-friendly.
Waukesha, WI
Online vegan grocery store; includes frozen meals and meat/dairy alternatives.