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Maxine's Heavenly
Los Angeles, CA
Delicious, Homemade-style Cookies that are Sweetened By Nature.
Indianapolis, IN
Sells gourmet vegan food items made with navy beans.
Quebec City, QC
Healthy vegan snacks and oatmeal cups.
New York City, NY
Vegan, gluten-free bakery. They have storefronts as well as online ordering with nationwide shipping.
Pipersville, PA
Sells vegan baked cookies; non-GMO and kosher. Sold online and in stores.
Ridgewood, NJ
Offers allergen-friendly vegan cookies, made in an allergen free kitchen. Ships nationwide. Cookie cakes are also available for pickup only.
Corona, CA
Organic baked goods.
Long Island City, NY
Vegan, gluten-free cookies.
Portland, OR
Vegan, organic, gluten-free breads.
Louisville, CO
Non-GMO artisan breads shipped nationwide; no additives/preservatives. NOTE: all are vegan except the Challah and the Multi-Grain.
Westlake Village, CA
Vegan and gluten-free bakery. Offers nationwide shipping and local pickup.
Oakmont, PA
Offers chocolate protein bars and cookies. ***Be sure to choose the vegan option, as there are other varieties***
Brooklyn, NY
Online grocery store carrying a wide variety of plant-based products. They also offer a subscription box service.
New York City, NY
Vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly brownies, bars and blondies.
Burlington, NC
Online, gluten-free bakery that ships fresh bread.
San Antonio, TX
Vegan bakery that ships nationwide, and offers pickup/delivery options locally.
Washington, DC
All vegan bakery and cafe. Local delivery, nationwide shipping or no contact pickup.
Hayward, CA
Vegan food delivery service - nationwide.
Guilford, CT
All vegan meats, cheeses, desserts, as well as some prepared meals. Offers shipping to select states, as well as curbside pickup.
Los Angeles, CA
Fresh baked vegan cookies.
Toronto, ON
Online vegan grocer - carries a wide variety of items, including frozen meat/dairy alternatives and frozen meals.
Brooklyn, NY
Vegan bakery that creates vegan cookies and cakes; ships nationwide. Local pickup is also available.
Waukesha, WI
Online vegan grocery store; includes frozen meals and meat/dairy alternatives.