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Miscellaneous Specialty Food Items

El Cerrito, CA
Plant-based protein mixes, available in different flavors. Just add vegetables to create a protein-rich meat alternative.
Indianapolis, IN
Sells gourmet vegan food items made with navy beans.
Alexandria, ON
Vegan luxury chocolate spread. Different varieties are available.
Moorabbin, VIC
Offers plant-based meats and a wide variety of vegan spice mixes/seasonings. Ships in the USA, Canada, and other select countries.
Orange, CA
Offers veganized versions of croutons, crumbs and parm. Different flavors are available.
Los Angeles, CA
Plant-based, high protein snacks.
Sea Cliff, NY
Plant based snacks such as puffs, crisps and pops. Also offers subscription boxes.
Chicago, IL
Offers plant-based waffles, free of many allergens.