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Is Sweater Weather Inspiring You to Cook or Bake?


When someone says they are bored, I cannot relate.  Between working full time, taking care of animals and property, house cleaning, and just general "adulting" it's difficult to find enough time to accomplish everything.  But with the arrival of cooler Fall weather, I have been feeling inspired to create in the kitchen, and am determined to carve out a snippet of time to cook or bake.  BusyVeg is the perfect tool to find ingredients for your kitchen creations, cut out the driving time and simply have all the recipe ingredients delivered to your doorstep!  Added bonus: no more driving from store to store in search of hard to find ingredients either - search many stores online -  it's just a click away!
Did you know there are online, all vegan grocery stores, allowing you to shop for many cooking and baking items in one place (minus the crowds and long lines!).  Simply search our directory under Online Vegan Grocers.  Several of these stores offer refrigerated and frozen items, which ship with cold packs or dry ice.  In addition to the usual meat, dairy, baking products, veggies/fruits, snacks, prepared meals etc - condiments, spices, seasonings, allergy-friendly products and hard to find items can often be found on these sites as well.  Gluten-free, nut free, soy free, organic, non-GMO - there is an abundance of options out there waiting for you!
Need fruit or veggies for your recipe?  Our Fresh Fruit/Veggie Box Delivery category lists companies that sell fresh produce and offer delivery to your doorstep.  You can also utilize a local delivery service to get same day delivery from a local grocery store - simply search under Grocery Delivery Services to find options that might be in your area.  If you need frozen or canned veggies, these can be found at many of the Online Vegan Grocers listed in the directory.
If your recipe calls for meat or dairy, simply search under Meat and Dairy Alternatives Online in our directory.  There is an abundance of vegan meat available - from vegan slices, chunks, filets, strips and crumbles to pepperoni and salami (yes, salami - check out Renegade Foods).  And while soy is a high source of protein, there are also other options for those of you who cannot eat soy.  There are many meats now made with beans, mushrooms, grains, vegetables, and on and on.  Plant milk also comes in an array of forms: oat milk, various nut milks, soy milk pea milk, etc.  Vegan cheese has evolved over the past few years - no longer is it like eating plastic that doesn't melt!  You can find soy-based, nut based, potato and other root vegetable based cheeses, etc.  Plus, there are so many varieties of vegan cheese to be found: slices, blocks, grated, shreds, crumbles, cream cheese, cheese sauce, etc.  Vegan sour cream and egg replacement products are also available.  You can pretty much find any type of traditional dairy in plant-based form these days!  
If you find you want to create in the kitchen, but time is a factor, consider taking some short cuts.  Many of the Online Vegan Grocers offer baking mixes for items such as cakes, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and more.  Vegan cookie dough and frosting exist as well!  There is also an array of soup mixes out there - just add water and seasoning.  Another good option would be to purchase soup base or ready made broths and add your own veggies and seasoning.  Purchase pre-cut veggies (fresh, frozen or canned) to save some prep time.  Instead of making a sauce, consider purchasing ready made marinara, stir fry sauce, etc.  There are so many great tasting, healthy products out there to save you time!
If the impulse strikes to cook or bake and you need ingredients the same day, consider using a grocery delivery service in your area.  The personal shopper will do all the legwork, driving and standing in line, and you will magically have groceries on your doorstep in no time!   Explore Grocery Delivery Services on our site to find a a personal shopper that offers service in your area.
If you want to get really ambitious with your cooking, you can "batch," where you create a variety of meals that will last for a week and keep them in your fridge/freezer.  If you need some meal ideas or plans, check out Meal Plans in our directory.  There are some helpful services out there that provide plans for plant-based, healthy balanced meals.  One business in our directory, Clean Food Dirty Girl, even has an amazing Facebook group you can interact with to give you motivation and ideas!
So put on your sweater, visit and create something delicious!
*Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash